How lucky I am

Today one year ago I was hit by a scooter. To say it has changed my life may be too big of a statement, but it definitely made me realize how precious life is. And that it can change in a split second. In the ambulance I was told to be lucky. My neck could have been broken, which would have paralyzed me from the neck down. Or could have killed me. So, I was lucky. Covered in my own blood, caused by a severe headwound and hurt by a broken knee I got all the attention and great care in the hospital. Actually from the moment the ambulance arrived I felt in heaven. With a forehead full of stitches and a leg in plaster we arrived back home in the middle of the night. There I got all the care I needed for months. And I was able to receive all this help. Knowing that it would help my rehabilitation.

 Unbroken spirit


I used to be an athlete. And I still practice sport on a daily basis. My life and work are sport. My kids are sport and so is my man. A couple of weeks later I started digging into my old dreams. Like one day running the New York marathon, spending days in the desert for an ultra, ice skating on the Weissensee. So, with Olympic dedication I started my active rehabilitation two months later. Although my life is not the same anymore, my spirit was unbroken. There is room for new things. So recently I started swim training. What a great sport! If I am able to run more often than once a week, maybe there will be a triathlon in the future. There is also a downside. Stress and busy days, my former adrenaline, are things I can’t handle very well anymore. Therefore I took a difficult decision to give up my work at the publisher. Kill your darlings, it is called. I choose for my own company, my future. Sportjuwelier is my focus, my destiny, what keeps me busy now. And only that. In fact, my accident did change my life completely.

Pictures: Bibi Veth